A targeted new initiative from Bax Interaction to transform your marketing effectiveness

Quest Services - Questionnaire Design Services

Fast, cost effective, questionnaire improvement and design services to improve your ‘in house’ surveys’  effectiveness by:-

  • Significantly increasing  response rates
  • Getting the best possible data quality  from responses
  • Increased confidence in  decision making

Why should I be interested?

There are 2 core Quest services – questionnaire improvement and questionnaire design.

These are aimed at busy marketers who want to improve the quality of their own questionnaires and surveys quickly and cost effectively.

Poorly designed and/ or executed surveys are a waste of everyone’s time- yours and the respondents.
Improving question and response wording, order, layout, sampling and targeting, methodology and presentation are all critical to a survey’s success.

What do I get?

1. Questionnaire improvement service

We will evaluate an existing or draft questionnaire and provide you with an actionable, diagnostic report via email within 2 working days of receiving your order. You can then make changes to the instrument and approach as recommended to secure measurable  improvements to your survey outcomes.

See an example questionnaire and the resulting Quest report here.

2. Questionnaire design service

If you need to get a questionnaire designed but don’t have the time or people available, we will do it for you!

We can create a professionally designed questionnaire to address  your objectives within a short time frame.

How much do these Quest services cost?

The improvement service starts at just £150 + VAT for up to 10 questions.

The design service is priced on a case by case basis and agreed prior to you placing an order.

This sounds like just the help I need – what do I do now?

Accessing either of these 2 services could not be easier!

Send a brief enquiry by email to us and we will call you to gather the key details we need.

Once an order is placed you will receive the report or the designed questionnaire via email in the time specified. You can pay by BACS, cheque or Paypal.

Need more help?

We can provide a full research agency service, if required. So if you would like to outsource the whole process just let us know!

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What They Say

“The (volunteered data) questionnaire produced by Bax Interaction met all of our objectives and has given Dansac a greater insight into our customers.

It has added extra value to the business. We have acquired new information on our customers which we can not only use to help clean and update our database but also helps us to tailor campaigns to suit their individual requirement.

This both  establishes and helps grow our existing relationships”

Kerry Jones
Senior Marketing Co-ordinator
Dansac Limited

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