April Fool?

April Fool?

The Market Research Society Code of Conduct changes come into effect today.

It will be interesting to see what impact the changes made to the use of incentives will have especially.

It is no longer acceptable for organisations to use their own products or services as incentives for participation in research.

The reasons for this change are well documented by the Society and were needed to keep the distinction between research and direct marketing clear.

There are those who would argue, however, that those participating in research are not stupid and recognise that providing an incentive that is at cost to an organisation is both sensible from a budgetary perspective and a way of building a relationship with an existing or prospective customer.

The counter to this of course is the nasty taste of selling under the guise of research or ‘sugging’ as it is known.

The jury is out. Will the perception of the research industry be further impacted by this change?

We will see.

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