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The Quest – An end to questionable questionnaires?

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

‘The Quest’- An end to questionable questionnaires?

After many years of coming across questionable questionnaires purporting to provide useful information, Steve Bax, Managing Director of Bax Interaction Limited (BIL) has created a brand new service that guarantees a better result.

‘The Quest’ is a highly accessible, fast and cost effective service that fine tunes existing or draft questionnaires along with their proposed delivery mechanisms to directly improve the quality of information coming back as well as the response rates.

Steve commented “As a research professional, I have became increasingly frustrated by seeing research questionnaires that are hard to complete, lacking in relevance and confusing” and far too often from companies and other organisations that really should know better! Completing poorly designed questionnaires is such a waste of time for everyone involved, as ambiguous or unclear questions not only put off the respondent but can’t possibly provide clear answers to what their creator is trying to find out. With the huge growth in organisations doing research themselves this help is really needed.”.

The idea behind ‘The Quest’ is to provide organisations with a professional evaluation of a draft questionnaire in the form of an actionable, diagnostic report. It enables individuals in small and large companies alike access to marketing research expertise at an affordable price, without having to engage an agency or similar for an entire project. The diagnostic report, covering all key aspects of questionnaire based research, will enable improvements to be made to the questionnaire itself, and the delivery method and approach to deliver the answers needed to make key decisions within an organisation. .

Steve added “Our research has shown that there are many people in organisations, like product managers for example, needing answers to key issues, but who have no real knowledge of how to frame the questions to get them. This is not a criticism as it is not their specialist area. We hope that they will now come to us for fast professional advice on their specific project and will in the process learn more about how to do their own questionnaire design in the future”

To find out more about ‘The Quest’ read the section on the website or contact Steve now.

Draft or existing questionnaires, together with some background information can be submitted electronically. This newly launched service is available at an introductory offer price starting at just £150 excl. VAT.( for up to 10 questions) .

As Steve says, “We believe it’s a small price to pay for relevant, specific and actionable advice that is guaranteed to directly improve research effectiveness”