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Bax Interaction and training4performance combine resources to deliver an unrivalled business and marketing training service for your organisation

Friday, August 27th, 2010

A new alliance with training4performance is announced. Tailored business and marketing training now available.

Bax Interaction and training4performance have formed a strategic alliance to offer the market unrivalled business and marketing training services.

The skills of each business are highly complementary and by joining forces they are able to meet the exacting training and development needs of all organisations.

training4performance is a ‘business skills’ training company specialising in bespoke, client-specific staff development programmes and training courses. Due to the individual tailoring process these offer real added value and an unrivalled learning experience for the client and its employees.

training4performance’s partners have a vast collective experience in all areas of Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, FMCG and Retail training and development.

Bax Interaction provides specialist training in the marketing arena and has the same business ethos towards delivering in-house programmes. This synergy is key to the decision to form a strategic alliance to the mutual benefit of both existing and future clients.

Ray Hunt, Partner at training4performance, commented “Both or our businesses take a genuinely consultative approach to working with our clients. training4performance’s approach is to work with client organisations to identify specific training and development needs, and then provide a simple but comprehensive solution in the form of a written proposal inclusive of development objectives, programme content, fees, timescales and logistics of delivery.”

“Our development programmes are interactive, relevant, engaging and cutting-edge, utilising best-practice tools and materials. Clients who have experienced what we have to offer recognise that our value lies in our ability to really understand their business. Working with Bax Interaction will enable us to broaden our reach and widen the range of training and consultancy services we can both provide. The key aim of the alliance is to help to make your organisation work more efficiently and effectively in its chosen markets”

Commenting on the reason for the strategic alliance Steve Bax, the MD of Bax Interaction, said “Training and people development is at the heart of improving organisational performance. There is a good reason why ‘People’ is one of the 7P’s of marketing. People based objectives are critical to effective business and marketing strategy. This alliance enables us to support our clients in making these objectives happen and to be the best in their field”

For more information on Bax Interaction, training4performance, this new alliance and how it can improve the effectiveness of your organisation please contact Steve Bax or call him on 01223 864011 today

Solution two of two!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Solution two of two!

A Competitor intelligence service

– an individually tailored, cost-effective, monthly market intelligence reporting service.

After many years spending time in organisations of all shapes and sizes, monitoring competitive activity appears to be a haphazard activity for many of us! We are often clear about what is happening within our organisation and also what are customers needs are but somehow it seems that who are key competitors are and what they are doing is not seen as so important.

This service is aimed at those organisations who know they need to monitor what is going on from a competitive perspective but don’t have the time or people to do it!

A clear monthly report gives an overview of market and competitive activity and a set of recommendations for actions to be taken, where appropriate.

Don’t be overtaken by your competitors – keep your eyes on their activities with this service so you can stay ahead or overtake them!

For more detail download the presentation below…

Competitive Intelligence Service

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One of two core solutions from BIL

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

One of two core marketing solutions

Marketing Action Planning – A 3 step, cost effective, way to effectively match a given organisation’s capabilities to its marketplace(s)

Bax Interaction continues to focus on services that make client organisations’ marketing work.

These include:-

• Diagnostic marketing research. Depth interviews and focus groups to deliver actionable insight.
• Creating strategic marketing, corporate and internal communications plans and advising on implementation
• In-house, marketing training programmes
• Marketing and business advice on an ongoing basis to client organisations. This often includes assisting with recruitment and selection, one to one mentoring and recommending new approaches and agencies.

Now BIL has honed its offering into two core solutions to meet the needs of most organisations in understanding how to make marketing work for them!

There are two, scalable, core solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes. These have been developed from market feedback and can be tailored to match the exact needs of a given organisation.

The first is a 3 step marketing action planning solution.

Step 1 Provides an analysis of the current situation
Step 2 Marketing research to provide insight on any knowledge gaps
Step 3 A marketing plan to address the agreed, identified priorities

Many clients will take Step 1 to inform their thinking and then review their overall aims prior to embarking on steps 2 and 3.
A presentation showing the features and benefits of each step can be downloaded and viewed here…

BIMAP – Bax Interaction Marketing Action Planning

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