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Bax Interaction and Doontime make web marketing work for PEM Technology

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Bax Interaction and Doontime make web marketing work for

href="">PEM Technology

Following the launch of the new service announced earlier

this year Bax Interaction in partnership with Doontime has

created a brand new site for the new sector based service launched on the 5th September by PEM Technology.

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alt='PEM Technology Home Page' />

The site features a number of innovations including a fully integrated

forum, news articles and website seamlessly linked and driven by separate software ‘engines’.

This is the first

site of this kind that has been created by Doontime and aims to reflect the up to date focussed approach that PEM

Technology is taking by launching a specialist set of services for the technology sectors.

Commenting on the

completion and launch of the site, Chris Walklett, Head of PEM Technology, commented

“ Because of the nature of

this new service line and the type of user, we wanted a website which had a technology focussed feel to it but with a

flexible and interactive platform. Under the direction of Steve Bax at BIL, Doontime created the PEM Technology site and

had it up and running ready for its launch at the Cambridge Enterprise Conference. There was a lot of work involved, and a

rather tight and immovable deadline, but as Steve knows our business and our staff well, we achieved our objective and are

delighted with the outcome.”

Visit the new site at

and see for yourself!

To find out more about PEM Technology please explore their

href="">site or contact Chris direct on 01223 728258.