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Marketing Planning That Works!

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Marketing Planning That Works!

Bax Interaction’s MD, Steve

Bax, spoke at The Very Early Lunch Club in Bury St Edmunds recently.

The audience were asked who had a current

marketing plan and only 2 of the 26 attendees actually did! Of these just one had been communicated to all in the

organisation and this was because it was an OMB (Owner Managed Business)!

As Steve commented, this is not at all

surprising and the very reason that he was talking on this subject!!

Steve talked through the reasons why so many

fall at the first hurdle of creating a marketing plan, the process involved, the key things to audit, how to generate an

effective SWOT analysis, examples of objectives, the strategy and the promotional mix and finally the control and review


He summarised with the following words of advice:-

1. There is a need for CREATIVITY to make sure

you are heard

2. Don’t be ‘woolly’ – be focused – ensure that you are clear about where you are going so

that you can communicate this internally and THEN to the outside world!

3. Don’t forget the needs of ALL customers

– i.e. Personnel, shareholders, stakeholders, customers, potential customers

4. Have some sort of plan – even a

side of A4 is better than no plan at all!

5. Don’t get hung up on the marketing speak or the models and theories.

Planning works as long as you keep its limitations in perspective!

6. Avoid ‘follow the leader strategies’ –

look for the gaps and go for them!

7. Work your plan – it is not for decoration – there are no academic marks

for effort! It should ‘live’

8. Ensure that you get the ‘buy in’ from all your stakeholders – this comes from

INVOLVING them in the process – measuring performance and recognising/ rewarding their and your successes!


Know your competitors – know your competitors – know your competitors

10. Do regular ‘reality checks’ on

what your customers and market REALLY think about you – Do you ASSUME!

Don’t be afraid to fail – if at

first etc. It works for other successful organisations – with a little bit of encouragement and time it can work for you


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